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 Dried figs

Dried Figs come exclusively from the Smyrni type figtrees. They have primrose yellow color, pleasant odor, thin skin and honey-taste texture.

The size of figs that are used for packaging is 45-55pcs/kg.

Bleaching follows the harvesting, in special furnaces with the use of sulfur. Then follows the desiccation at special drying fixtures for about 10 days. The final selection takes place in specific plants where size, maturity and probable skin damages are taken as standards. Hereafter they are forwarded for insecticidal procedures according to the Greek and European legislative requirements.


Nutritional information per 100 gr:


Energy: 249 Kcal/1060 Kj

Proteins: 3,6 gr

Carbohydrates: 55,3 gr

Sugars: 54,6 gr

Sucrose: 0,70 gr

Dietary fibres: 4,0 gr

Moisture: 19%



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