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The area of ​​Lihada, which occupies the greater part of the peninsula, is known from the Late Neolithic period and has references in many events of the Greek history, even in ancient times.

According to mythology, the name of Lihada came to be due to the servant of Hercules, Lihas, who unwittingly caused the end of the earthly life of Hercules. According to legend, Lihas was the envoy of Hercules' wife Deianeira who, having followed the misleading advice of Centaur Nessos, sent a cloak soaked with poison to Hercules, hoping for his eternal love. What she didn’t know was that the Centaur had used her for the demise of Hercules. As soon as Hercules put the cloak on, the poison came in contact with his skin and he began to writhe with terrible pain. Regarding the unsuspicious servant responsible for the pain, he grabbed Lihas and threw him towards the sea with great force. The pieces of the unfortunate Lihas fell around the area of Kinaio which Poseidon then turned into small islands, the so-called Lihadonisia, and thus the area of ​​the peninsula was named Lihada.

Today, the area is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is surrounded by hills of lush pine forests, streams, springs with crystal clear water and landscapes of lush vegetation housing many plant species. A great part of the area is also planted with olive trees, which produce a significant amount of olives and olive oil for the region annually. More specifically, the groves cover an area of at least 5,000 acres and consist of around 165,000 olive trees. The harvest of the olives is primarily a family affair in Lihada, while the many years in the tradition and the extensive care in the cultivation of the olives provide the unique quality and flavour of the products.



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